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Vserve Corporate Facilities Services can provide complete or partial facilities management services to shopping centres, retail parks, offices, hospitals, hotels, convention centres and public areas. With our tailor-made services, the customers can unwind, as they are free from the cerebral pain of hurrying to various organizations for overseeing different undertakings of the organization. We function as a one stop look for all services be it housekeeping, contracting, cleaning, security and so on. Our comprehensive projects help the customers in profiting from only one organization rather than numerous, and that too at industry optimum costs. This additionally helps the clients in keeping the standard in services high and their bothers, down.

The scope of our offerings includes House Keeping Services, Cleaning Services, Maintenance Services and Labor Contracting Services and the Security Services. Of these, our housekeeping offering is implied for cleaning, securing and embellishing modern property. These Services are rendered by a prepared staff that makes utilization of a best in class Cleaning process, hardware, sanitation strategies and dealing with bio risk materials.

How our Services are special


Devotion to Quality:

Quality fills in as the benchmark of our organization permitting us to furnish our clients with reliable and raised state of services. Our appropriately valued services are concomitant to our accountability for them, concentration on endeavors and increased level of information flow between the parties. These frameworks are demonstrated and relevant to the site in question and customer friendly an all possible ways. The Facility Manager assumes a vital part to play in our association. He is responsible for legitimate synchronization between every one of the frameworks and methods and manages each period of the operation. This outcomes results that are unchallenged and unparalleled in the business.

Latest tools with skilled users:

With the changing patterns in the business and more reliance on actually propelled devices, we guarantee to utilize techniques that are time and cost sparing. Our involvement in the business empowers us to utilize the correct innovation for the correct occupation with adequacy. We are utilizing a wide range of automated gear for different cleaning applications. All our housekeeping services are rendered with the following gear wherever necessary, subject to necessity of the customer.

• Floor scrubbing machine

• Floor Sweeping gear

• Vacuum Cleaner

• Wet and Dry floor cleaner


Employees - Our Strength

Our exceedingly qualified group of work force frames the foundation of our organization and consequently we think of them as our best resource. With our strict extensive worker preparing program and an unmistakable approach towards their determination, we guarantee to accept just the most productive and commendable applicants. This strategy of our organization likewise benefits the customers as we place the best hopefuls in their organization.

 Our group involves full time scouts, who pre-screen and contract qualified individuals, notwithstanding our business staff, in-house regulatory work force, official level administration group and partnered labor.


Reliable Team:

Can VSERVE Corporate Facilities Services deliver? Without any doubt a big Yes. As we have full-time enrollment specialists on staff and we screen and contract qualified, eager work force. Also, we keep them inspired with rewards programs, relevant benefits, and career advancements and thus ensure remarkable executions for the clients.

We don’t hesitate in declaring that our reaction time is least in the business.

We are prepared to serve you day long, year long, ever long.


Organization and Operational Responsibility:

Our organization is enrolled under the Government Act of PF and ESI and is in consistence with every pertinent run and statutory controls. All our work force are secured under the ESI plan of the Government of India for any mishap ailment or whatever other casualty. We take certain measures to keep up the standard of services and take operational measures that incorporate rotation of staff twice in a year. It is guaranteed that such exchanges don’t impact the working of services or decrease in the quality of work. Our staff is under the strict control of our organization.


One of a kind Client Correspondence:

For overseeing continuous correspondence with our clients, we introduce a variety of tailor made services tools and reporting measures that contain the below mentioned: 

  • Checklist frameworks 
  • Communications log for every day demands 
  • Cleaning notice cards 
  • Site Inspection Report 
  • Stock/Verification Report


At Vserve  we offer a wide range of specialized services in housekeeping and services to large, medium and small scale organizations. Our main business activity is to ensure maintenance of ambience in spaces where hygiene is a concern.

We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ solution for housekeeping services and feel that receiving an individual approach prompts to more prominent levels of service and higher rates of customer satisfaction.

We extend these services with our highly trained staff under the supervision of highly motivated supervisors and support staff with the aid of world class equipment. Our team is well trained in the use of appropriate equipment and cleaning agents. With industry best practices in place, we ensure the highest quality in every service we provide.

Our specialized services include:


Housekeeping Services


Guest House Management


Corporate front office services


Upholstery & carpet cleaning


Floor deep Cleaning


Washroom cleaning


Carpet Shampooing


Glass Cleaning

Get in touch with us today to discover how we can enhance your housekeeping requirements

Security Services

At Vserve we provide comprehensive security services with well trained guards to various commercial, educational, Industrial and corporate establishments.

We trust that security services ought to work around the client and will provide specific those are reasonable to your particular site and also standard management checks to keep up high service levels. With all contracted services there is always scope for improvement and development and our administration team is dedicated to finding and implementing positive changes wherever possible.

With an aim to maintain a safe & secure environment we maintain certain physical standards while recruiting the security Staff. Our well trained security field officers will be 24X7 on duty to cater to the needs of our clients. Security staff will be given training on the following areas before placing them at the client site.

Time Office Management

Visitors management

Dock Management

Behavioural aspects

Physical training – on fortnight basis at every client site by an ex-service man.

Monitoring material movement

Employee frisking

Securing property and ensuring safety

This guarantees the highest level of professionalism and expertise from both our management group and security officers, and therefore peace of mind for our clients.

Manpower Sourcing

Support staffs are essential to ensure regular cleaning tasks and restocking of facilities at the workplace on a day to day basis. It is important that punctuality and uninterrupted supply of manpower for these activities is ensured.

Based on the requirement of clients we provide uninterrupted supply manpower to manage office maintenance, packing, utility and other task required by client.

 Office boys

Pantry boys


Packing manpower

 Dock boys



Office maintenance achieves its objectives more efficiently when an employee is well trained and sensitive to the needs of customers. Our subject matter experts provide professional training to prospective candidates to ensure standardized delivery of services.  We aim to provide an uninterrupted stream of trained manpower for our clients.

Benefits to the client


  • Spotless environment
  • Feel of the good
  • Hygiene
  • Invigorating atmosphere

Security Services

  • Security in right hands
  • Peace of mind
  • 24 hours vigil
  • Motivated staff
  • The power of the uniform
  • Multilingual staff

Manpower Sourcing

  • Right person for the right job
  • No hassles of recruitment
  • Time saved is time earned
  • Manpower is trained and not raw
  • Abiding work force power with respect for the organization
  • Uninterrupted manpower supply as per client needs


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